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Rathbracken - B.S.S.M.
R�th Breacain, Arx Brecani, Breckan's rath or earthen fort. 0'D.

Rathbrackan - J.O'D.

This townland lies on the road from Edgeworth's Town to Arvagh, and is bounded on the South by the road from Bunlaghy to Granard.
It contains 305 acres, and is all under tillage and pasture. There are three small forts in it. There is a beautiful well here, called Tobergauna (Tobar Gamhna, the well of the calf). This well is said to have origin to Lough Gowna.
According to the local folklore, long, long ago a magic calf emerged from this well and started off westward until it reached the sea at Ballyshannon. The water of the well followed in its tracks, and expanded on the way into Lough Gowna and the Upper and Lower Erne Loughs. So the well has since been called Tobergauna, the Well of the Calf.