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Ardohill B. S.
�rd Eochaill, height of the yew wood, or high wood of yews.

Ardoghil J. 0'D.
Ardoghill Edgeworth's Co. Map
Ardoghill Down Survey

Situated in the N.E. of the parish. Bounded on the N.W. and N. by Ledwithstown and Doonacurry in this parish and by Doonacurry in Kilcommock Ph.; on the E. by Laragh; on the S. by Gorteen; and on the W. by Edera.
This td. contains 254a. 2r. 15p., a � of which is flat wet bog, the remainder arable and well cultivated. The roads and part of the houses are in good repair, and it is the property of J. Johnston and John Frazer, Esqrs., held by deed for ever. Co. Cess - �7 14s. 0d.