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Cartronboy B. S.
Cart�n Buidhe, yellow quarter.

Cartronboy J. 0'D.
Cartonboy Inq. temp. Jac. I.
Cartronboy Down Survey

This td. is situated in a central part of the parish, and is bounded on the N.W. by Mullawornia; N. by Lissanisky; E. by Tirlickeen and Drinan; S.E. by Moygh; and W. by Daroge and Laragh.
It contains 136a. 2r. 28p., of which about 6 acres is brushwood and 2 acres rockey ground; the remainder is under cultivation. Roads and houses are in good repair., and the Royal Canal passes through it. It is the property of Lady Rosse, and pays �9 6s. 8d. Co. Cess. It has one school.