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Laragh B. S.
Laitreach, a site of anything.
(Field where a battle was fought.)

Laragh J. 0'D.
Larha Inq. temp. Jac. I.
Laragh Down Survey

This td. is situated near the N. of the parish. It is bounded by Mullawornia on the N.E.; by Cartronboy on the E.; by Daroge on the S.; and by Gorteen and Ardoghil in this ph. and Doonacurry in Kilcommock Ph. on the West.
It contains 155a. 1r. 5p., of which about � is bog & rocky ground; the remainder is under cultivation. The houses and roads are in good repair. The Royal Canal passes through the East corner. It is the property of Lady Rosse, held by a deed for ever. Co. Cess - �7.