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Liskitt B. S.
Lios a' Chait, fort of the wild cat.

Lissakit J. 0'D.
Lysekitt Inq. temp. Jac. I.
Lissakitt Inq. temp. Car. I.
Liscett Down Survey
Liscot Down Survey Map

This td. is situated in the S.E. side of the parish, on the road from Keenagh to Mullingar. It is bounded by the tds. of Park Place, Mornin, Loughsheedan, Carrickedmond and Taghsheenod Glebe.
It is Glebe land, the present incumbent being Rector Armstrong. It contains 145a. Or. 18p., all arable and pasture of a good quality. It is rather wet towards the S.E. side, but very dry and good towards the W. and N.W. sides, and the whole is flat and even. On its N.W., at the Crossroads, are trees, which are called the Monuments. Co. Cess - �30 18s. 8d., with Park Place.