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Lough Siden B. S.
Loch Seide�in, lake of the blowing or puffing.

Loughsheedan J. O'D.
Loughsiddy Down Survey
Called by some Lough Sheedy.

This td. is situated in the E. part of the parish, 1100 links N.W. of the road from Ballymahon to Carrickboy. It is surrounded by the tds. of Carrickedmond, Lissakit and Mornin.
It is the property of F.T. Jessop, Esq., held by a deed for ever. It contains 103a. 3r. 17p., all cultivated except about 20 acres of bog. Co. Cess - �7 14s. 8d. It is wet at the S.W. and W. sides, but dry at the E., and is rather hilly. It has a Corn Mill and Kiln and 3 mill ponds.