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Heritage Building Repairs

Repairs to Heritage Buildings

There are a number of funding sources that can be considered that will assist in planning for conservation works to heritage buildings. They are

  • the Local Authority Conservation Grant Scheme for Protected Structures,
  • The Heritage Council's Buildings at Risk Programme,
  • Tax relief for expenditure on approved heritage buildings from the Revenue Commissioners,
  • A grant for the repair or renewal of thatch from the Department of the Environment
  • Conservation Grant Scheme for Public Buildings 
  • Irish Georgian Foundation Grant Scheme.

It is important to note that funding under the above schemes is not guaranteed and retrospective applications for works already carried out will not be considered.

(i) Local Authority Conservation Grant Scheme for Protected Structures
The Local Authority allocates grants each year for the conservation of Protected Structures (as listed in the RPS). This scheme is advertised in Spring and is usually 50% of the approved costs of the works, subject to a maximum of €12,697.00. In exceptional circumstances the Local Authority can approve grant aid to meet 75% of the cost of the works subject to a maximum of €25,395.00. For further details of the scheme contact the Planning Office of Longford County Council.

(ii) The Heritage Council Buildings at Risk Programme
The Heritage Council has in place a database of buildings, which require funding for essential repairs. Each year the list of buildings is reviewed and buildings prioritised and selected for funding. Grant assistance is usually 50%.
Further information and application forms are available from the Heritage Council, Rothe House, Kilkenny.
Application forms are also available from the Longford County Council Heritage Office.

(iii) Tax Relief for Significant Buildings and Gardens Under Section 482 of the 1997 Taxes Consolidation Act, an owner/occupier of an approved building (including surrounding garden) can apply for tax relief in respect of expenditure for the repair, maintenance or restoration of an approved building or garden. Gardens, in their own right, are also included.

An approved building or garden is one which:

The Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government has determined to be intrinsically of significant historical, architectural or aesthetic interest. In relation to a garden, it must be a garden, which is intrinsically of significant horticultural, scientific, historical architectural or aesthetic interest.
The Revenue Commissioners have determined that reasonable access is provided to the for members of the public or in the case of a guest house that it is in use as a guest house for at least six months of the year.
The scheme is administered by the Revenue Commissioners. For further information contact your local tax office.

(iv) Thatching Grant
Grants for the 'Renewal or Repair of Thatch Roofs of Houses' are available from the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government. To be eligible for this grant the house must be a normal place of residence.
Further information and application forms are available from the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Housing Grants Section, Government Offices, Ballina, Co. Mayo.
Tel: 096 24200, LoCall 1890 30 50 30

(v) Conservation Grants for Public Buildings
Under the Urban & Village Renewal Regional Operational Programmes 2000-2006 a scheme of EU Co-Financed grants has been put in place for the restoration and conservation of the architectural heritage. Under the Scheme, operated by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, grants may be provided in respect of buildings which are in public ownership or open to the public generally, which are considered to be of considerable architectural merit. In general applications are invited from local authorities, civic trusts and other not-for-profit organisations. Buildings in use for public administration or which are in private ownership are not eligible for grant-aid.
For further information contact the Urban and Village Development Section of the Dept. of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government. Tel: 01 888 2814.

(vi) Irish Georgian Foundation Grant Scheme
The Irish Georgian Society run a scheme throughout the year for small grants - ranging from €1,000 to €10,000. Grants are offered to buildings that are architectural significant or rare in their locality, that do not have to be on the Record of Protected Structures (RPS). Grants are also available for condition/conservation reports.
For further information contact: Irish Georgian Society, 74 Merrion Square, Dublin Tel: 01-6767053.