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Atlas of Mammals in Ireland

National Biodiversity Data Centre -

Atlas of Mammals in Ireland

mammals atlas

This is a new initiative which presents species accounts and distribution maps of the wild mammals that occur in Ireland and its territorial waters. Data is pulled together from existing recording initiatives and datasets to provide an overview of the current and historic distribution of Irish mammals. One of the primary aims of the initiative is to encourage recording of the more common Irish mammals, so that a comprehensive picture of their distribution is achieved by 2015. This will then provide a baseline against which future changes to distribution can be tracked.

There is also an exciting opportunity for the wider public to get involved by sending in a sighting of an animal, a  or the location of a roadkill to the atlas. This information will add greatly to our knowledge of Ireland's wildlife.  

Sightings can include both native species such as the red squirrel, pine marten, badger and otter or non-native speceis such as the Muntjac deer and grey squirrel.