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001449 Lough Naback pNHA



SITE CODE: 001449 

This small site is composed of an oligatrophic lake surrounded by gently to moderately sloping fields in the County Longford uplands. Gorse (Ulex europaeus) scrub surrounds the lake and acts as a barrier between semi-improved fields and the lake proper. In many cases, however, the scrub is being actively cleared by farmers to give cattle access to the lake. The main habitats encountered here are semi-terrestrial plant communities on the rocky shore of the lake, adjacent wet grassland habitats, swamp habitats and occasionally exposed rock and acid grassland habitats.

What makes this lake especially interesting is the presence of Artic Char here. They are thought to spawn on the rocky bed of a submerged strea. This lake was rated Grade A by the Fisheries Department (as it was known in 1973), due to the presence of char here. Char were last recorded at Lough Naback in 1973 and could still be present here. The nutrient status of the lake has a part to play in the maintenance of a healthy Char population and water polluting activities should be discouraged.

 12 July, 1995.