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00447 Derrymore Bog pNHA



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This lowland raised bog is situated some 3km southeast of Longford town. The bog was surveyed in 1985 and then its condition was described as being about 50% destroyed by turf cutting with the effect of drying out the margins thus making them unsuitable for the growth of Bog Mosses (Sphagnum spp.). In addition the bog had been subject to burning with only one unburnt area on the northwestern lobe which had a pool complex with hummocks of the notable moss Sphagnum imbricatum. another notable species amongst the regenerating mosses was S. fimbriatum.

Active raised bogs are vulnerable to drainage and exploitation, and have been reconised by the European Union as a habitat which demand special international efforts to conserve. Derrymore, although damaged in the past, remains comparatively intact having escaped wholesale exploitation.