Grown Ups

Grown Ups

by Marian Keyes



Grown Ups tells the story of the Casey family – it begins at the end of the story at a large, high spirited Casey family gathering. Cara, who is married to Ed Casey has concussion, and starts to dish the dirt on family secrets that threaten to tear the family apart.

The author then brings us back in time to 6 months earlier and the story unfolds on each character – every character has their own flaws and issues – from bulimia to compulsive shopping to disappointment in love to dementia to how employers deal with staff with mental health issues. We learn how their childhood experiences have shaped who they are today. Keyes writes with such empathy that the reader can understand the perspective of the flawed character. This novel deals with addictions of various types – especially those that mostly effect women.

This story builds and unravels over a 6 month period and we end up back at the beginning at that ill-fated family gathering. The reader is drawn into the drama and intrigue of the Casey family. Not unlike real life – the story ends with some happy endings, some sad endings and some unresolved endings.

Keyes is insightful and this is a mature, engrossing, entertaining, fun and insightful read.


Reviewed by Lanesboro Library January 2021