The Maeve Kerrigan Series

The Maeve Kerrigan Series

by Jane Casey

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For fans of crime fiction, the Maeve Kerrigan series by Jane Casey are a brilliant read. ‘The Burning’ (2010) is the first novel in the series and introduces us to Detective Constable Maeve Kerrigan, a young, ambitious member of the murder task force in the London Met. In the first book Maeve is investigating a serial killer who has been nicknamed ‘The Burning Man’ by the media. Maeve is up against it; she needs to catch the killer before they can strike again. We are also introduced to a host of characters who will reappear throughout the series and who will not always behave as you would expect! There are plenty of clever twists and turns and as well as Maeve’s investigation of homicides, the books also deal with issues such as sexism, and racism.

There are nine books in the Maeve Kerrigan series, the latest ‘The Cutting Place’ was published in 2020. It is a very interesting and well written series and I would highly recommend it. If you haven’t read crime before it would also be a great series to start with.


About the Author:

Jane Casey was born in Dublin and studied at Oxford University and Trinity College. Her first book ‘The Missing’ was published in 2010. She then began the award-winning Maeve Kerrigan series of novels. She has also started a series of novels for young adults based around the character Jess Tenant. The first book in this series is ‘How to Fall’.


Reviewed by Longford Branch Library January 2021