Book Reviews

Book Review by Grace Dillon, age 8.

Grace reviews the book "No Ballet Shoes in Syria" by Catherine Bruton.



Book Review by Sarah Mc Dermott, age 12, from Moydow.

Sarah reviews the book "SOS Lusitania" by Kevin Kiely.

Finbar is a thirteen-year-old boy who lives in Queenstown, County Cork. When he starts to have dreams about his father’s ship called ‘The Lusitania’ getting attacked, he sneaks onto it to warn him. He gets into trouble with some dangerous people on board.

When he reunites with his father, he tells him all about what has happened. He thought things were bad onboard the ship but little did he know what to expect when they docked in America, will they get home safely?

I really liked this book because it was very interesting and unpredictable which keeps you captivated.  The words in the book are very descriptive and makes you feel like you are on board witnessing the events as they occur.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes an action-packed novel that you just cannot put down until you turn the last page.




Book Review by Simone, age 10, for Ballymahon Library.

Simone reviews "The Midnight Gang" by David Walliams.


This book is about a boy named Tom who is hit on the head with a ball and wakes up in Lord Funt’s Hospital which is owned by Sir Quentin Strillers. Tom has a large bump on his head. The Porter smiles at Tom and Tom screams because the porter is the most hideous and scary thing Tom has ever seen.

Tom is brought to the Children’s Ward where he meets Robin, George, Amber and Sally. Sally is very ill and is asleep when Tom arrives. The Matron is very mean to Tom when she hears he has no Pyjamas with him and she gives him a Pink Frilly Nightdress. The children all laugh at Tom who is very embarrassed.

That night Amber, George and Robin get up and leave the ward, Tom gets up to follow them and Sally asks him to bring her. As she is too ill Tom promises to tell her what they do.

Tom begs to be part of the Midnight Gang and they say maybe. At the end of the night Tom is voted to be part of the gang.

The Midnight Gang make the dreams of the sick children come true with the help of the Hideous Porter.

This book is funny and I like it a lot.



Book Review by Ross for Ballymahon Library.

Ross reviews "Holes" by Louis Sachar.


Holes is a story about a boy named Stanley Yelnats who is always finding himself in unfortunate situations. His family say that this is because they are cursed. One day Stanley’s misfortune causes a famous Athlete’s shoes to fall on him and when he brings them home the Police think he has stolen them.

Stanley is brought to court where the judge gives him the option of going to Jail or to a Juvenile Detention Camp called Camp Greenlake. The camp which is in the middle of the desert is nothing like Stanley imagines as he has to dig holes every day. He soon realises that there is a reason that all the people in the camp are digging holes and it’s not to build their character.

I liked this book because the characters are interesting and the plot of the story is very enjoyable. I kept wondering what was going to happen next and I found the book hard to put down. It is a book I would read time and time again.