Public Internet and Wireless Browsing Policy

Longford County Library Public Internet and Wireless Browsing Policy. March 2011

Longford County Library provides free public access to the internet to all it’s library members as a means of enriching and informing their lives through the use of modern ICT technologies such as fast broadband wired and wireless access. Access to the Internet is provided subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Users should know that while much of the information on the World Wide Web may be valuable, Longford County Library cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information nor can it accept responsibility or supervise content which may be accessed inadvertently or otherwise by a user. The library accepts no responsibility for damage, loss, cost or expenses arising either directly or indirectly by a users free internet based service.
  2. Parents and Guardians are obliged to take responsibility for their children’s use of the Internet. Internet users who are aged under 16 must have the written consent of a Parent/Guardian as indicated on our Library Membership Form.
  3. Internet usage is monitored on a systematic basis and as deemed necessary by library management. Content filtering software will be used in an attempt to proactively block access to unsuitable/illegal websites. The library reserves the right to terminate an Internet session at any time.
  4. The access, download, save, circulation or transmission of any material in violation of any law is prohibited. This includes but is not confined to, copyrighted material, discriminatory, threatening or obscene material, or pornographic material.
  5. It is Longford Library Service’s policy wherever possible to protect its computing facilities and data from any risk which may result in computer error, negligent virus transmission, fraud, loss of confidentiality, loss of assets or disruption to the business process. By using this service you agree that you have a responsibility to support and comply with these principles.
  6. You must not use this service for electronic "snooping", i.e. accessing information on any System for which the user has no legitimate business reason for accessing
  7. Attempts to violate internet security will result in loss of internet privileges.
  8. In order to ensure effective management of the library’s public internet service, users are asked to abide by booking procedures in place at all library branches.
  9. Users who may need to use USB’s to access content may do so provided they accept in writing and fully adhere to all aspects of our internet access and usage policy.
  10. You are responsible for ensuring that you comply with the laws and regulations relating to your use of this service, and you fully indemnify Longford Library Service from any action resulting from your use of the service.
  11. Users must adhere to all the terms and conditions of Longford County Libraries’ Internet Access Usage and WIFI Policy as outlined above. ( needs to be signed if using a USB)