Local & Family History

Longford County Library holds a wide variety of sources for Local and Family History including:

  • Publications
  • Newspapers
  • Maps
  • Photographs
  • The National Schools' Folklore Collection


Key online sources for local and family history include:

Places and Placenames

  • www.osi.ie - Ordnance Survey of Ireland.
    Various archival and recent Ordnance Survey maps are available. Click on ‘MapGenie’ under ‘Services’ and go into the interactive map at the bottom of the page. Then click on ‘Base Information and Mapping’ in ‘Data Catalogue’ on top left side. You will see various options to choose from.
  • www.logainm.ie – The Placenames Branch (Department of Media, Tourism, Arts, Culture, Sport and the Gaeltacht).
    Its searchable database has links to cards with historical information on the placenames of the country.

Archaeological Sites and Buildings

  • www.archaeology.ie – The National Monuments Service.
    Click on ‘Archaeological Survey of Ireland’ and then go into ‘Historic Environment Viewer’. Click on the funnel symbol on the top right to do a search. Most of the sites and monuments included are pre-1700.
  • www.buildingsofireland.ie – The National Inventory of Architectural Heritage.
    This includes buildings and structures post-1700. It may also be accessed using the ‘Historic Environment Viewer’ on www.archaeology.ie.

Family History

  • www.census.nationalarchives.ie – 1901 and 1911 census returns (all intact) and census fragments and substitutes, 1821-51.
  • www.askaboutireland.ie – ‘Griffith’s Valuation’ (completed for Co. Longford in 1854).
    This lists all occupiers of property by poor law union, barony, civil parish and townland. It includes the ‘immediate lessor’ (the person to whom the occupier paid rent); a brief description of each property (acreages in statute measure); and its valuation for the purpose of calculating local taxes. There are six-inch Ordnance Survey maps accompanying the lists, showing where the properties were located.
  • www.titheapplotmentbooks.mnationalarchives.ie – The Tithe Applotment Books, 1823-37.
    These show all occupiers of land who were liable to pay tithe, a tax to the Church of Ireland. Arranged by civil/Church of Ireland parish. Acreages are given in Irish measure. Only landholders are included.
  • www.irishgenealogy.ie – Civil records, which are searchable.
    They consist of births (from 1864), marriages (non-Catholic from 1845 and the rest from 1864) and deaths (from 1864). There are cut-off dates of 100, 75 and 50 years respectively.
  • www.registers.nli.ie – Catholic parish records to about 1880.
    Enter the parish name in the search box and click on the link or image of the title page to scroll through the images (no search facility).
  • www.genealogy.nationalarchives.ie – Several sources in the National Archives of Ireland including wills and administrations; Catholic qualification rolls; convert rolls; and Valuation Office archives.