Longford Heritage

Our heritage is all around us, not least in County Longford. Heritage includes our landscapes, waterways, archaeological sites, our buildings, our history, folklore, language and customs. Heritage can give a place its identity, character and distinctiveness.

And as we plan for the futures, we must also plan for the future of our heritage to ensure our heritage can continue to enhance our communities and enrich our lives.

Longford Heritage works protect and enhance our local heritage.

This is done through developing policies and priorities for the identification, protection, preservation and enhancement of Longford's heritage. This includes the County Longford Heritage Plan 2019-2024. We also work in an advisor capacity for community groups and other stakeholders.

We also work to promote a growing interest, education, knowledge and pride in the heritage of County Longford. Through this, we see an increasing awareness, appreciation and enjoyment of the County Longford's heritage for all.