Heritage Week

Heritage Week

National Heritage Week takes place across the country every year with many national and local organisations coming together to celebrate and build awareness for our heritage. Taking place typically in the third week of August, many heritage events and projects showcase the abundance of work carried out in our communities to preserve and promote our natural, built and cultural heritage.

In County Longford, Heritage Week is an opportunity to explore our history, culture and nature through a variety of projects, walks, talks, workshops and events held by communities and local groups. 

Heritage Week 2024

National Heritage Week 2024 will take place from Saturday 17 August to Sunday 25 August 2024. 
This year's theme is 'Connections, Routes and Networks', exploring the ways we are connected to each other through physical and cultural connections. 

The Longford Heritage Office is inviting projects and events to be showcased during this time in County Longford.

For more information and to register your project/initiative/event, please visit the heritageweek.ie/ website. 

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