Useful links

Online Resources and Important Links

Many important resources for family and local history are available online. Here is a guide to some of the most important of them.

The Longford Genealogy Centre is in The Killian Homplace, Fermoyle, Lanesborough - It has the database of Longford Roots (consisting mainly of church records) and provides an a research and advisory service.

The National Archives of Ireland is the official repository for the state records of Ireland. It offers access to many important sources for local and family history, including the following:

The National Library of Ireland has extensive catalogues of its holdings and digital collections on its site. has the online reconstruction of the Public Record Office of Ireland, destroyed in 1922. It has a wealth of copies and substitutes of archives that were destroyed, and its collections are being added to. The two County Longford Grand Jury manuscript books are available there. - Ordnance Survey of Ireland. Various archival and recent Ordnance Survey maps are available. Click on ‘MapGenie’ under ‘Services’ and go into the interactive map at the bottom of the page. Then click on ‘Base Information and Mapping’ in ‘Data Catalogue’ on top left side. You will see various options to choose from. is searchable database has links to cards with historical information on the place-names of the country. is the National Monuments Service website where you can find information on sites and monuments, most of which are pre-1700, under the Historic Environment Viewer. is the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage website with information on post-1700 architectural heritage of Ireland. - The National Folklore Collection, UCD. It includes the National Schools' Collection, 1937-38, and some of the other collections held there.

The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) is the official archive for Northern Ireland.