Community Monuments Fund 2024

About the CMF 2024

The Community Monuments Fund (CMF 2024) is now closed for applications this year. 

Minister of State for Heritage, Malcolm Noonan TD is inviting application to the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage's Community Monuments Fund 2024 (CMF 24), for the care, conservation, maintenance, protection and promotion of archaeological monuments and the provision of measures for safe access. 

Funding streams: 

The fund will:

  • enable conservation works to be carried out on monuments which are deemed to be significant and in need of urgent support;
  •  build resilience in our monuments to enable them to withstand the effects of climate change;
  • encourage access to monuments and improve their presentation.

The Department encourages project promoters to incorporate a traditional skills training element in projects.

Stream 1 

This stream is for grants for essential repairs and capital works for the conservation of archaeological monuments.

Successful applications will receive 100% of the project costs up to €100,000,

Stream 2

This stream covers grants for development of Conservation Management Plans/Reports aimed at identifying measures for conservation of archaeological monuments and improving public access. This includes survey work, geophysical and 3D modelling among others. 

Successful applications will receive 100% of eligible costs, up to €30,000

Stream 3

This stream covers grants for enhancement of access infrastructure and interpretation (including virtual/online) at archaeological monuments 

Successful applications will receive 100% of eligible costs, up to €30,000

Who Can Apply?

The Community Monuments Fund provides funding for projects in relation to:
  1. Archaeological Monuments that are included in the Record of Monuments and Places (RMP) under the National Monuments Act 1930 (as amended);
  2. Archaeological Monuments that are identified in the Sites and Monuments Record compiled by the National Monuments Service. 

Eligible projects will be drawn from the following categories:

a)  projects proposed by a Local Authority in relation to archaeological monuments in public ownership, where a clear heritage focus and community or public benefit has been demonstrated;
b)  projects proposed by a Local Authority on foot of applications from private applicants who are the owners or custodians of relevant archaeological monuments where there is a tangible public benefit;
c)  projects with a clearly defined heritage focus and community or public benefit proposed directly to the Department by a State-funded organisation working in the heritage area.

Please visit the Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage's Historic Environment Viewer to see if your monument is included within the Record of Monuments and Places. The monuments are marked by a red dot •; click on the red dot to reveal the 13 digit monument number (LF0**-****---), the monument class (type) and a description. Please include the full monument number, including ALL hyphens in your application. 

How to apply 

Please download the application form and the Handbook for the 2024 Fund
and forward the application, along with method statements, mapping, images and costings to the Longford Heritage Office, via email at, (this email address only) before 1 February 2024. 
The Subject line must read: CMF24_[Name of your Project/Monument]_Longford County Council