Longford Libraries Age Friendly Handy Helps Collection

Expanded to include new items

Longford Libraries Handy Helps Collection has recently been expanded to include two new items: the Acorn Smart Tablet and the Activator Pole.

The Acorn tablet is Ireland’s first Age-Friendly smart tablet, designed with the older person in mind. It is easy to use, easy to navigate and uncluttered making it suitable for even the most inexperienced user. It can be used as a communications tool, a digital learning tool, social tool and for wellness and health. A number of Acorn Tablets are now available for loan to library members in all our libraries.

The Activator Pole promotes all the components of functional mobility and fitness. Following a successful Activator Programme organised by Longford Physical Activation Officer and Longford Sports Partnership in our libraries, a number of activator poles are now available for short-term loan through Longford Libraries as part of our Age Friendly Handy Helps Collection.

Handy Helps Bag of Aids and Gadgets

The Acorn and the Activator Pole further enhance the suite of Handy HelpsBag of Aids and Gadgets available for loan through our libraries.

These items have been chosen by Longford Libraries Age Friendly Team and senior occupational therapists working in the community.

They are grouped into three different backpacks:

  1. The bag of culinary aids includes aids such as jar openers, tap turners, and lightweight cutlery
  2. The mobility bag includes a sock or stocking aid, shoe horn, and button hook and zip puller
  3. There are also general and social items such as an object locator, an adhesive pull plug and a playing card holder.

All of the items in our Handy Helps Collection aim to support older persons in our community to live independent lives on their own.

The items are a 'try before your buy' taster for users and bag contents include details of suppliers where items can subsequently be purchased by users both locally and nationally.

How to borrow items from our Handy Helps Collection

Items in the collection can be borrowed at any County Longford library using a library card for a loan period of 12 weeks.

You can also request items online using your library membership barcode and PIN at Longford.spydus.ie.

Terms and conditions

We’d like you to enjoy using the items, but we need you to agree to the following as a way to protect you:

  • You are required to be a member of Longford Library Service. Membership is FREE!
  • You can borrow the equipment or device for an agreed loan period between you the user and Longford Libraries.
  • The bag, equipment or device remains the property of Longford Libraries.
  • Library staff can assist users with borrowing but cannot make recommendations on equipment.
  • If the equipment or device is faulty or damaged, please let the Library staff know immediately and return it to the library as soon as possible.
  • You need to know that by borrowing this equipment you are responsible for any injury caused through its use and for any loss of or damage to this item.  For electronic equipment and devices, you are responsible for removing all personal data and applications from the device before returning it to Longford Libraries.
  • Longford Libraries cannot accept responsibility for damage, loss, injury, or costs either directly or indirectly from the use of the library’s equipment