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New Irish Language Learning Resources

A new selection of Irish books specifically written for adult learners of Irish have recently been purchased by the library. These books are suitable for those who have reached the stage where they are happy to work on their own with the language without the aid of a teacher. The selection includes short stories, novels and some non-fiction books covering topics such as homelessness, alcoholism, grief, family relationships and murder mysteries. The chapters are short and difficult words are explained at the bottom of each page. The clear accessible style enables the adult learner to easily follow the story while also assimilating new words and phrases.


Other resources in the library for adult learners of Irish include grammar books such as “Gramadach Gan Stró” which provides answers to all the grammatical exercises in the book. There are also multimedia course books such as “Turas Teanga” and “Gaeilge Gan Stró” for beginners and lower intermediate levels.