Town Maps

Town Maps

Town maps held in Longford County Archives include the following:

Reference Code: M/T/1

Map of Longford Town and its environs, prepared by the Municipal Boundaries Commission (Ireland) in 1880.
Scale: 3 inches to 1 statute mile.

Reference Code: M/T/2

Map of Longford town, September 1884, showing the sewerage system. Buildings are coloured pink and main buildings and features are named, including butter market and gas works. [Prepared for Longford Town Commissioners.]
Prepared in by Thomas Gill C.E.
Scale: 88 feet to 1 inch.

Reference Code: M/T/3

O.S. map of Granard Town ‘from Local Survey’. Prepared for Municipal Corporation Boundaries (Ireland) reports and plans, HC 1837 (301), xxix.
Drawn by E.J. Roberts and engraved by A. Chisholm.
Scale: 4 inches to 1 statute mile.

Reference Code: M/T/4:

‘A map of part of the River Camlin in the Town of Longford’ showing the river’s course between Church street and Great Water street and on to Templemichael, prepared in February 1834.
Map prepared by Michael Fullam.
Scale: 1 inch: 5 perches.