Rossduff B.S. Sketch
Ros Dubh, black wood.

Rosduff J. 0'D.
Better not to double the s when followed by a consonant. J.O'D.

Roseduffe Inq. Temp. Jac. I.
Rossduffe Down Survey
Rossduffe Down Survey Maps.

This townland is situated 1� miles N. from Cornadrung Lodge, and contains 743 acres, statute measure.
From the south boundary there is a road runs along the E. side of the townland, leading from Granard to Arvagh. From this road, 2 furlongs and 12 perches N.,
there is an ancient fort, where there is a Trigl. Station, and within 14 perches of which a road leads northwards. From the first mentioned road, 1 furlong and 32 perches westwards, there is a corn mill, where there is a road branching off the N. road.