Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resources

Longford Library, in partnership with Longford Mental Health Association, Mental Health Ireland, Health Service Executive, RAPID and SHINE have compiled a list of resources, including books, websites and helplines, to help with various mental health concerns. 

Understanding Mental Health

Websites is a voluntary organisation helping to promote positive mental health promotes awareness of mental health issues in Ireland Health Services Executive, Ireland is a UK mental health information organisation is a world community mental health movement in Ireland offer a emotional support service is a offer general health information promote health information in Ireland is a young adult mental health organisation

Mental Health Association, Longford:  043 334 69 92 or 043 334 69 03
Samaritans: 1850 60 90 90 or 116 123
Mental Health Ireland: 01 284 11 66
Low Cost Counselling: 087 684 70 88

From the Heart: Your Mental Health Questions Answered (Patricia Casey): Blackhall Publishing, Ireland, 2004
The Mental Health Handbook (Trevor Powell): Speechmark Publishing, England, 2007
Flagging the Problem: A New Approach to Mental Health (Harry Barry): Liberties Press, Ireland, 2007
Speaking Our Minds: An Anthology (Jim Read & Jill Reynolds eds.): Macmillan, England, 1996
Going Mad: Understanding Mental Illness (Michael Corry, Aine Tubridy and Michael Curry): Newleaf, Ireland, 2001
Women’s Mental Health: Promoting a Gendered Approach to Policy and Service Provision (Women’s Health Council) Ireland, 2005
Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation for Everyday Life (Jon Kabat-Zinn): Piatkus Books, England, 2008

Mental, Physical and Sexual Abuse

Websites (Rape Crisis Network, Ireland) (National Office for Victims of Abuse (NOVA) Dublin) (Emotional Support Service) (Health Promotion in Ireland) (Women’s Aid) (Citizens Information Organisation)

Bethany House: 043 334 81 36
Longford Women’s Link: 043 334 28 91
Domestic Violence: 1800 444 944
Rape Crisis Helpline: 1800 323 232
Samaritans: 1850 60 90 90 or 116 123
Women’s Aid: 1800 341 900
MOVE (Men Overcoming Violence): 01 872 43 57
NOVA (Victims of Abuse): 1800 252 524
Adult Counselling Service 1800 234 113

Lean on Me: An Information Guide for Women Living With Domestic Abuse ADAPT Services Limerick, 2001
Overcoming Childhood Trauma (Helen Kennerley): Robinson, UK, 2000
Breaking Free: Help for Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (Carolyn Ainscough and Kay Toon): Sheldon Press, UK, 2000
One Small Step: Moving Beyond Trauma and Therapy to a Life of Joy (Yvonne Dolan): Authors Choice Press, America 2000
Escape Domestic Violence (Helen Grant): Hodder Arnold, UK 2007


Websites (Social Anxiety Ireland) (Mental Health Ireland Organisation) (Health Promotion in Ireland)

Samaritans: 1850 60 90 90 or 116 123
Low Cost Counselling 087 684 70 88

How to Master Anxiety: All you need to know to overcome stress, panic attacks, trauma, phobias, obsessions and more (Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell): HG Publishing, England, 2007
Anxiety, Phobias and Panic: A Step by Step Programme for Regaining Control of Your Life (Reneau Z Peurifoy): Piatkus, England, 2007
Panic Attacks: What they are, why they happen and what you can do about them (Christine Ingham): Thorsons, England, 2000
When Panic Attacks (Dr Aine Tubridy): NewLeaf, Ireland, 2007
Dying of Embarrassment: Help for Social Anxiety and Phobia (Markway, Carmin, Pollard and Flynn): New Harbinger, America, 1992
Living with Fear: Understanding and Coping with Anxiety (Isaac M Marks): McGraw Hill, England, 2005

Bereavement and Loss

Websites – (Barnardos child & family site, which has information on child bereavement) (Irish Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Society) (Bethany Bereavement Support Group) (National Suicide Bereavement Support) (Irish Hospice Foundation) (Information on Death and Bereavement) (Health Promotion in Irland)

Rainbows: 043 334 68 27
Cruise Bereavement: 043 334 68 27
Bereavement Counselling Service: 01 839 17 66
Living Links Suicide Bereavement Support: 086 160 06 41

Life after Loss: Helping the Bereaved (Christy Kenneally): Mercier Press, Ireland, 1999
Grief Observed (CS Lewis): Faber and Faber, England, 1966
Grief Counselling and Grief Therapy: a handbook for the mental health practitioner (William Worden): Routledge, England, 2006
Living with Loss: A Book for the Widowed (Liz McNeill Taylor): Robinson, England, 2000
Someone to talk to - a Handbook on Childhood Bereavement (Pat Donnelly):  Barnardos, Ireland, 2001


Websites (Anti Bullying Centre, Trinity College, Dublin) (Irish Youth website with information and peer support (Health and Safety Authority) (Health Service Executive, Ireland) (Health Promotion in Ireland)

Anti-bullying Centre: 01 608 25 73
Teenline: 1800 833 634
Low Cost Counselling : 087 684 70 88

Bully In Sight: How to Predict, Resist, Challenge and Combat Workplace Bullying (Tim Field): Success Unlimited, England, 1996
Adult Bullying: Perpetrators and Victims (Peter Randall): Routledge, England, 1997
Bullying in Secondary Schools: What it Looks Like and How to Manage It (Keith Sullivan, Mark Cleary & Ginny Sullivan): Paul Chapman Publishing, England, 2005
Bullying in the workplace, Home and School (Tony Byrne): Blackhall Publishing, Ireland, 2004


Websites (The Alzheimer Society of Ireland) (Dementia Services Information & Development Centre) (National Council for Ageing and Older People Ireland) (Carers Association of Ireland) (Health Service Executive, Ireland) (Health Promotion in Ireland)

Alzheimer’s Society: 043 334 27 23
DSIDC (Dementia Services): 01 416 20 35
NCAOP (National Council on Ageing and Older People): 01 674 32 99

Alzheimer’s Activities That Stimulate the Mind (Emilia C. Bazan-Salazar): McGraw Hill, US and UK, 2005
Alzheimer’s: Caring for Your Loved One, Caring for Yourself (Sharon Fish and Susan Cuthbert): US and UK, 2008
Dementia Reconsidered: The Person Comes First (T Kitwood): Open University Press, England, 2008
The 36 Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for Persons With Alzheimers Disease, Related Dementing Illnesses and Memory Loss in Later Life (Nancy L Mace & Peter V Rabins): Wellness Central, America, 2007
Talking to Alzheimer’s: Simple Ways to Connect When You Visit with a Family Member or Friend (Claudia J Strauss): New Harbinger, California, 2001

Book Therapy in Dementia Care
Book Therapy in Dementia Care is a new series of books specifically written for those with dementia are now in stock in all Longford Libraries.
The books are full of humour and fun and contain a wide range of beautiful images and large print text that can evoke memories and emotions in people from a variety of backgrounds. The books are specifically designed for those with dementia as they provide a stimulus for communication on a broad range of topics. People with dementia have often spent a lifetime enjoying books and reading, whether in the form of the daily newspaper, works fiction or factual books. When dementia becomes more advanced, people lose the ability to enjoy and understand traditional books. The aim of this series is to provide entertainment and enjoyment for people with dementia until the end of life. 


Websites (Aware: helping to defeat depression) (Mental Health Ireland) (Samaritans) (Mental Health Foundation UK Charity) (Health Service Executive, Ireland) (Health Promotion in Ireland)

Aware: 01 661 72 11 or 1890 303 302
Low Cost Counselling 087 684 70 88

Depression: The Common Sense Approach (Tony Bates): Newleaf, Ireland, 1999
Coping with Depression and Elation (Patrick McKeon): Sheldon Press, England, 1995
Overcome Your Postnatal Depression (Alice Muir): Hodder Arnold, England, 2007
Overcoming Depression: A Self-help guide using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (Paul Gilbert): Robinson, England, 1997
Seeing Beyond Depression (Jean Vanier): S.P.C.K. England, 2002
Coping with Depression in Young People: A Guide for Parents (Carolyn Fitzpatrick): John Wiley and Sons, England, 2004
Talking to Depression: Simple Ways to Connect When Someone in your Life is Depressed (Claudia J Strauss): New American Library, America, 2004
Depressive Illness: The Curse of the Strong (Tim Cantopher): Sheldon Press, England, 2006

Eating Disorders

Websites (Eating Disorders Association of Ireland) (Marino Therapy Centre, Dublin) (Irish Eating Disorders Resource Centre) (Eating Disorders Association, UK) (Health Service Executive, Ireland) (Health Promotion in Ireland)

Bodywhys 1890 200 444
Low Cost Counselling 087 684 70 88

Beating Eating Disorders Step by Step: A Self Help Guide for Recovery (Anna Paterson): Jessica Kingsley, England, 2008
100 Questions and Answers about Eating Disorders (Carolyn Costin): Jones and Bartlett, England, 2007
Helping Your Child Overcome an Eating Disorder: What You Can Do at Home (Teachman, Schwartz, Gordic & Coyle): New Harbinger, America, 2003
Boys Get Anorexia Too: Coping with Male Eating Disorders in the Family (Jenny Langley): Paul Chapman Publishing, England, 2006


Websites (Alone – Voluntary Organisation to Aid Elderly Living Alone) (Mental Health Ireland) (National Council for Ageing & Older People) (Age Action Ireland) (Health Service Executive, Ireland) (Health Promotion in Ireland) (Voluntary Organisation Helping to Alleviate Loneliness and Isolation Among Elderly People)

Samaritans: 1850 609 090 or 116 123
National Council for Ageing and Older People 01 676 64 84
Retirement Planning Council of Ireland: 01 661 31 39
Low Cost Counselling 087 684 70 88

Loneliness in Later Life (Hamilton B. Gibson): Macmillan, England, 2000
Overcoming Loneliness and Making Friends (Marianna Csoti): Sheldon Press: England, 2005
Positive Solitude: A Practical Program for Mastering Loneliness and Achieving Self-Fulfilment (Rae Andre):, America, 2000


Websites (Schizophrenia Ireland) (Schizophrenia Information Resources) (Promoting Awareness of Mental Health Issues in Ireland) (Health Service Executive, Ireland) (Health Promotion in Ireland)

Shine Information Hotline 1890 621 631

100 Questions and Answers about Schizophrenia: Painful Minds (Lynn E. DeLisi): Jones and Bartlett, London, 2006
Your Guide to Schizophrenia (Adrianne Reveley): Hodder Arnold, England, 2006
Discover the Road Ahead: Support and Guidance to Everyone Affected by Schizophrenia (Various authors): Bristol-Myers Squibb and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, Ireland, 2004
If Your Adolescent has Schizophrenia: An Essential Resource for Parents (Rachel E. Gur & Ann Braden Johnson): Oxford University Press, England, 2006
Schizophrenia: A very Short Introduction (Christopher Frith and Eve Johnstone): Oxford University Press, England, 2003


Websites (National Organisation for Youth Mental Health) (Voluntary Organisation Helping to Promote Positive Mental Health) (Evening Classes & Courses)

Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway (Susan Jeffers): Arrow Books, England, 1991
Assert Yourself: Simple Steps to Getting What You Want (Gael Lindenfield): Thorsons, England, 2001
10 Days to Great Self-Esteem; Ten Easy Steps to Brighten Your Moods and Discover the Joy in Everyday Living (David Burns): Vermilion, England, 2000
Self-Esteem: The Key to Your Child’s Future (Tony Humphreys): Newleaf, Ireland, 2002
Self-Esteem: Simple Steps to Develop Self Worth and Heal Emotional Wounds (Gael Lindenfield): Element, England, 2000
The Self-Esteem Companion: Simple Exercises to Help You Challenge Your Inner Critic and Celebrate Your Personal Strengths (Matthew McKay): New Harbinger, America, 2005
Self-Esteem Affirmations; Motivational Affirmations for Building Confidence and Recognising Self-Worth: CD (Louise Hay): Hay House, England, 2007


Websites (Voluntary Organisation Helping to Promote Positive Mental Health)   (Promoting Awareness of Mental Health Issues in Ireland) (Irish Support Group) (Health Service Executive in Ireland) (Health Promotion in Ireland)

Low Cost Counselling 087 684 70 88
Samaritans 1850 609 090 or 116 123

The Total De-Stress Plan: A Complete Guide to Working With Positive and Negative Stress (Beth MacEoin): Carlton Books, England, 2002
The Ultimate Stress Buster: A Seven Step Plan for Calm and Relaxation (Sarah Brewer): Vermilion, England, 2003
Surviving stress: A Guide for Managers and Employers (Samuel Malone): Oak Tree Press, Ireland, 2004
Beat Stress and Fatigue (Patrick Holford): Piatkus, England, 2007
10 Simple Ways to Beat Stress Forever (Suzannah Olivier): Cico Books, England, 2006
Stress-Free: Peaceful Affirmations to Relieve Anxiety and Help you Relax: CD (Louise Hay): Hay House, England, 2004


Websites (Information on Suicide) (National Office for Suicide Prevention) (Irish Support Group for People Bereaved by Suicide) (Irish Association of Suicidiology) (National Suicide Bereavement Support Network, Ireland) (Irish Youth website with information and peer support) (National Centre for Youth Mental Health) (Samaritans) (Health Service Executive, Ireland) (Health Promotion in Ireland)

Suicide Bereavement Support: 086 815 73 20
Console: Living with Suicide: 1800 201 890
Samaritans: 1850 60 90 90 or 116 123

A Special Scar: The Experience of People Bereaved by Suicide (Alice Wertheimer): Routledge, England, 2006
Suicide: Ireland’s Story (Emily Cox): Blackwater Press, Ireland, 2006
Coping with Suicide (Helen Maggie): Sheldon Press, England, 2002
Living with Suicide (Console): Console-The Bereaved by Suicide Foundation, Ireland