About Heritage Office

About the Heritage Office

The County Longford Heritage Office aims to provide information and guidance on all aspects of the natural, built and cultural heritage of County Longford. This is undertaken by direct liaison and partnership with members of Longford County Council and its staff; local, regional and national bodies; local community and heritage groups and members of the public. The office also aims to undertake research on aspects of Longford's heritage, to enable better understanding of our heritage and help guide policy and projects that may impact on our built and natural heritage. This work is guided by the County Longford Heritage Plan. 

The County Longford Heritage Plan 

 The aim of the County Longford Heritage Plan 2019-2024...
'That our heritage will be part of life for everyone'

The role of the Heritage Office is to provide advice on all matters relating to heritage issues. The Heritage Office is responsible for developing policies and priorities for the identification, protection, preservation and enhancement of Longford's heritage. Central to the services provided by the Heritage Office, is the promotion of interest, education, knowledge and pride in the heritage of County Longford, and in so doing, increasing awareness, appreciation and enjoyment of the County's heritage for all.

This is being achieved through

  • Co-ordination and implementation of the County Longford Heritage Plan 2004-2009
  • Collecting information on Longford's heritage
  • Providing information and advice on heritage issues
  • Promoting education on heritage issues to raise awareness

Under the Heritage Act, 1995, heritage is defined as including various Definitions of Each of the Elements of Heritage: visit this link to find out more Heritage Definitions

Please click here for more information on the County Longford Heritage Plan 2019-2024 incorporating the Biodiversity Action Plan.