Application Guidance

Below you will find guidance on how to fill in the Arts Project Award 2024 application form

It is important to provide an answer to every question on the form. For areas that do not apply to you, please indicate that they are non-applicable (N/A). An incomplete form may make your application ineligible for consideration.

Application Guidance  

Questions 1 to 7: Please provide full details, ensuring the named contact person is the person who will be dealing with any queries concerning the application.

Question 8: Please tick the organisational description that best relates to your primary function – if more than one function applies you may indicate this in the ‘Other – please specify’ box.

Question 9: Artistic disciplines listed. Multidisciplinary in this category is considered 3 or more art forms. Alternate Focus is where an organisation selects a particular art form to focus exclusively/predominantly on, in any given year.

Questions 10 to 11: Applicants must provide accurate financial details.

Question 12: Title of project: preferably 5 words or less.

Question 13:Short description of your project (Summary): This should be stated in less than 50 words. Something concise that can be used for public promotional communication.

Question 14: Detailed Proposal: Here is where you outline your project in more detail, your clear concept, and personnel. Note that the people assessing and adjudicating may not be familiar with you or your work. What you write here is a key part of your proposal and should help those involved in assessing your application to understand the full scope of what you want to do, how and why. It should include details of your artistic goals and ambitions, the personnel involved and also practical details such as schedules, information on key partners and any other administrative, technical or financial details you consider relevant. No more than 500 words

Questions 15 to 16: Highlights from last year: Bullet points may be used if considered useful. Supporting material (for example, reports, programmes, brochures, newsletters, reviews) in respect of work carried out in 2023 may also be included in your application, you can add links and upload these at the end of the form. This should be stated in less than 500 words. Submit only what is relevant and necessary for your application. It is better to submit one high-quality example rather than a large amount of lesser-quality, irrelevant material.

Question 17: How it will be delivered? Please describe the timeline, the development phases, and the practice and skills in more detail of the people involved in your project.  In particular, let us know the roles and responsibilities of the team.  Please include the track record of artists, producers, communications, tech people and whether the project team have worked together on previous work or how they will be supported to work as a new team. (If you are using the names of third parties in your application please ensure that you have their consent to do so).

Please identify your partners and the role of partnership and collaboration in your project. Tell us about the role of your partners and how they make your project more feasible to deliver for example a partner bring could expertise in a particular field and/or additional resources. Please upload letters of support where feasible.

Question 19: Please demonstrate how your proposal benefits the development of art and culture in County Longford.

Questions 20 to 24: The more evidence and detail of financial support already in place the better. Please be as clear as you can about cash or in-kind funding that is already in place.  Please be as clear as you can about the intended cash or in-kind funding/support that may be generated should your project be successful with a Longford County Council Award.

  • Applicants must provide accurate financial details.
  • Projected figures for 2024: It is understood that 2024 figures may in part be speculative. Please give your best realistic estimate.
  • Please clearly indicate all artist fees. Longford County Council is committed to the fair and equitable payment of artists and applications that do not honor this commitment will not be eligible.
  • Please download, complete and then upload our Income and Expenditure form providing accurate financial details. Include all projected sources of income/funding and indicate where they are as yet unconfirmed.
  • Income and expenditure breakdown must be clear and must specifically reference the project you are applying for/the focus of your programme. The headings provided are intended as a guide, but if you need to edit and replace items in expenditure please do so.
  • Please email your Income and Expenditure form using the email address

Supporting material

This is where you upload your Income and Expenditure form, CV, Artist’s Statement and Marketing Plan. Submission of attachments via separate email address

  • All applicants must provide supporting documentation including Artist CVs, confirmation of venue, and so on.
  • Letters of support are required where partnerships, communities other organisational supports are listed.


  • An incomplete form may make your application ineligible for consideration.
  • Applications for the purchase of equipment and general marketing and administration costs and utilities are not eligible.
  • A named professional artist must be engaged at the earliest possible stage of the proposal, and their artistic objectives must be clearly articulated.
  • Applications that do not secure at least 30% of the total funding required from other sources will be deemed invalid.
  • If you are using the names of third parties in your application, please ensure that you have their consent to do so.
  • Please remember to confirm Agreement to Privacy Policy
  • Please remember to sign the Applicant Statement